Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Baby Hat

I knit lots of hats for hospital nurseries, and I wanted to knit something special for the "Easter" babies. Click here for the pattern

The original pattern is for a 6-12 month old baby. I modified the pattern in the following ways:
Used DK/sport weight yarn
Smaller needles: Full term- US #4 & #6 Large Preemie- US #3 & #5 (Addi Turbo 12" circulars and use double point needles to finish the top)
Cast on: Full Term- 78 (reduce to 77 for body of hat) Large Preemie- 66
Eliminated K2 at the beginning of the rounds and K1 at the end of the rounds, thus eliminating the "+3" that was built into the original pattern

Enjoy playing with the colors. This is a wonderful way to use up yarn left-overs.


Rita said...

Hallo Barbara.
I find the little baby hats you make simply adorable! Thank you for the nice welcome message you left for me on KR. It is true that we have very good wool here in Italy, but the prices are skyhigh unfortunately!

Christy said...

Too cute little hats! You have some busy hands.

Susan said...

what a cute baby hat!

LDSVenus said...

Very cute hat, you knit those on circulars or double pointed?

Knits for Preemies said...

Thanks, all, for the lovely comments.

I used Addi Turbo 12" Circulars (US#4 and US #6)for the hat. See my details at Ravelry post: LINK is:

If you are not a member of Ravelry, it is free and easy to sign up. Great website with many useful features.

Hope this helps.

Knits for Preemies

Knits for Preemies said...

Oops, forgot to mention that you would need double point needles to finish the top of the hat.

Knits for Preemies

Tacy said...

I love this hat pattern, thanks so much.


Tacy said...

What a beautiful hat, thanks for sharing!