Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dean Street Hat

This little hat is a cable design, but you don't need a cable needle and there are no fiddly maneuvers to perform.

The pattern is a free download on Ravelry, so check there for that.

The pattern does not give baby or preemie info, so I decided to try reducing yarn and needle size to produce a preemie sized hat. I cast on 72 and used Plymouth DreamBaby DK yarn with US # 4 for ribbing and US #5 for the hat. I did the ribbing with 12" Addi Turbos, but needed to go to double point needles to do the body of the hat.

It's a fast and easy knit with great results. I only went with 4 pattern repeats before starting the reducing rows. Next time I'll try 5 repeats to give a little more height.


Jenny said...


I found your blog on the knitter's forum. I noticed that you wrote out just how to place the pms in row 46 of EZ's Baby Surprise. I am wondering if using detachable safety pin-like pms won't be easier than the round kind you must take off when you find them in your row. I am not sure whether this will make a difference in how I increase or not.



GrandmaLynne said...

You were looking for the Blue Bells Pattern here it is
You will need 7 skeins of 1 ounce yarn
One pair of size 6 needles
Gauge 11 sts to 2 inches, 15 rows to 2 inches
Pattern Stitch Multiple of 8 sts plus 7
Row 1 Right side K7,*P1,K7 repeat from * across
Row 2 and all even rows K the k sts and P the p sts as they face you
Row 3* P1,K5,P1,K1,repeat from *across,end P1,K5,P1
Row 5 K1,P1,*K3,P1,repeat from * acroos end K1
Row 7 K2,P1,K1,P1,*K5,P1,K1,P1 repeat from *across end K2
Row 9 K3,*P1,K7,repeat from* across end P1,K3
Row 11 Repeat row 7
Row 13 Repeat row 5
Row 15 Repeat row 3
Row 16 Repeat row 2
Repeat these 16 rows for pattern Diamond shape
Approximate size 27 inches x 31 inches long
Cast on 151 sts K row rows. Next row K 4 place marker on needle, K to last 4 place second marker on needle K4
Row 1 K 4 garter sts for boarder, sl marker, work patt on the center 143 sts, sl marker K to end
Keeping 4 garter sts each side, continue to work in patt on the sts between markers to about 301/2 inchs from start end with row 2 K 6 rows Bind off

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did GrandmaLynne

Knits for Preemies said...

Dear Grandmalynne,
Thanks for the pattern. I really appreciate it.

Right after "Cast on 151 stitches" it says:
K row rows. I'm sure this is a typo. How many rows do you knit there?


Susan said...

cute preemie hat! I love knitting with Dreambaby dk!

Susan said...

cute preemie hat! I love knitting with Dreambaby dk!