Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Irish Hiking Scarves and Hat

Gray Irish Hiking Hat and Scarf are knit in Bernat Berella "4" yarn.

I used US #10.5 needles for the scarf.
I used US # 9 circular for the hat.

Scarf Pattern Link: Click here
Hat Pattern Link: Click here

Stitch definition with this yarn is not quite as sharp as I would like, but that quality does lend the scarf and hat to a more masculine look.

The green Irish Hiking Scarf in knit in Mission Falls 1824 merino superwash wool.
I used US #8 needles for the scarf.


nightowlknitter said...

I love your Irish hiking scarf/hat set. The color green in the top photo is one of my favorites.

You asked for photos, so I took the plunge & set up a flikr account. I posted a link over on knittersreview, too. Here it is. I hope my next round of photos are a little better! Thanks for your interest!

Nancy Roddy said...


I love this pattern, and would love to knit it for an Irish friend, is there a pattern somewhere that I could use?

Thanks for the great ideas (preemie hats are beautiful)!


Knits for Preemies said...

Thanks, I enjoyed knitting them. I just added links for the patterns to the blog entry. Both patterns are for non-profit, personal use only I hope you enjoy them.

Knits for Preemies

Darcy said...

That is a kewl hat I love it:)Hugs Darcy

Anonymous said...

Your Irish Hiking scarf and hat are just lovely.

My granddaughter wants me to knit her a set but I am a bit intimidated by the cables.

Being new to knitting, I wonder if you might be willing to share details for the borders you used

Knits for Preemies said...

Hi, Chloe. I'm glad you liked the scarf and hat. I really liked the Mission Falls 1824 merino wool. It is yummy. You might consider trying this in DK weight yarn instead of worsted to make the scarf a bit more narrow--don't know how old your granddaughter is. Or you could just do two cables instead of 3. I used a wooden cable needle by Brittany Birch--It's straight with a thinner diameter in the center of the needle...the metal cable needles are too slippery for me. The wooden one worked like a charm.

The modifications for the scarf are:

K3 at the edges, instead of K2

I added 8 rows of 2 x 2 ribbing to each end to prevent the cables from causing the ends to flare out.

Hope this helps a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details.
Exactly what I needed to know.
You are the best!

Mary said...

I love both the Irish scarf and the Irish hat. I can't seem to locate the pattern for the hat? Can you help?


Knits For Preemies said...

Look here.
Knits for preemies